Psychological Benefits of Massage

When most people think of massage, they envision a chance to feel pampered and rejuvenated - it incites a feeling of overall well-being. What many people don’t know is that massage has a profound psychological effect attached to its physical benefits.

Massage and Stress Reduction
One major psychological benefit of massage is its ability to reduce a person’s anxiety or nervousness. Massage en-stills relaxation and places a person at ease by reducing mental stress. The relaxation that massage can induce happens because of direct manual pressure and technical movements performed during a massage, which cause major biological effects including increased blood circulation and oxygen, and lowering a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Millions of people suffer from stress, and massage is a holistic treatment for this condition.

Massage and Eating Disorders
Massage therapy has some surprising benefits with regards to mental conditions such as eating disorders. An article in “Psychology Today” examined these effects and explained that massage therapy boosts the levels of both dopamine and serotonin--while decreasing the stress-hormone levels. The result is a happier patient who is able to better cope with his or her eating disorder.

Massage and Depression
Although there are currently no studies that prove massage can treat depression, some people have reported a lessening of their symptoms after receiving a massage. This can be due to the range of positive effects a massage can have on both a person’s psychological and physical state.

Massage and the Physical Benefits
In addition to the psychological benefits massage fosters, there are many physical benefits as well. Several medical conditions such as tension headaches, chronic back pain and even hypertension can be alleviated with proper massage therapy. A massage can even relive muscle tension, reduce muscle spasms, and provide greater joint flexibility, improving a person’s way of life.

Which Massage Type?
With over 40 different massage treatments to choose from, there are several different types of massage a person can receive at Le Masseur Personnel - Massage Bar & Organic Body Boutique. Our team of 7 highly qualified and specialized massage therapists are on hand to discuss your tailored treatment plan. One particular massage that is ideal for cold winter months is a hot-stone massage that is used to relieve sore, achy muscles whilst warming the body.
Another blissfully relaxing treatment that captures both the psychological and physical benefits massage has to offer is our warming Hot Oils Massage.

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