The last leg .. it’s all in the preparation.
5 tips for your event

This weekend is the Reading Half Marathon with 15,000 people putting their hearts and souls into running their hearts out for 13.1 miles. Here are 5 top tips to get you arriving on the day in great shape by:

1) Fuelling your body... the right fuel
2) Get your mind on the job .. mental focus
3) Use R.I.C.E. treatment
4) Sleep like a baby .. Sleep for rest and recovery
5) Pre race prep .. enjoy your day
6) After the race .. how to relax and unwind

1) Fuelling your body:
On a simple level the best way to fuel your training is to eat whole and clean foods, the closer to nature the better. Get a good mix of good fats (coconut oil, olive oil), proteins (eggs, lean meats, seafood) and slow releasing carbohydrates (sweet potato, squash and leafy veg).

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients and vitamins to really thrive and be at their best. This will vary for each of us but eating a variety of foods defeats the law of accommodation, the more you eat of the same the less your body takes from them. So mix it up and try new things. Also aim for 50% raw and 50% cooked food, raw food in its natural state is much easier for out body to break down and we get much more nutrients from it than cooked food.

Also drink plenty of water, dehydration can affect performance by up to 10-20% so don’t follow your thirst but instead drink 1 litre for each 25kg of your bodyweight. If you can drink filtered or bottled water as tap water has a lot of toxins in which your body will store as fat.

2) Get your mind on the job:
First of all pat yourself on the back for getting this far. You have stuck it out through training on cold days and mornings when you found it hard so self high fives and chest bangs.
Consciously rehearse the event and any points you are nervous about, when you start to get nervous or question if you can do it positive visualise finishing or the BIG Sunday lunch afterwards .. be positive and believe you can and you will. Watch this video of a 61 year potato farmer in Australia who won one of the world’s toughest endurance races with BELIEF, setting a new course record in the process.
Get a plan .. plan out your pace time and stick to it, focus on you and your plan don’t get swept along by those around you. In an event like Reading half there are pace markets so if you have a time in mind, find the pace marker and stick with them.. you will also find a ready crowd around you to support and rally you on as so many people do this.