It feels good to be kneaded...

Back pain? try a targeted massage. That old Rugby injury flaring up? A sports massage can help. Feeling run down and need to unwind? Try a deep relax or renewed energy aromatherapy massage.

Start feeling like your amazing self again with one of our professional body massage treatments in Reading.

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Keep your body working with a professional massage treatment in Reading

It's time to start treating your body like you live in it

Your body puts up with a lot; sat behind a steering wheel, slouched in front of a computer screen, hunched over a desk, running around after the little ones, pushing your physical limits over and over again at the gym... not to mention the reaching, stretching, bending and lifting you do all the time! it all takes a toll on your body and mind, causing aches and fatigue.

It's time to start treating your body like you live in it; Book in for a powerful deep tissue or sports massage, energising chair massage, deeply relaxing full body massage, a facial treatment that takes years off or an aromatherapy wax which leaves your skin irresistibly smooth. Speak to us today about how you your body can benefit from one of our tailored massage or beauty treatments at our professional massage bar and organic body boutique in Caversham, Reading.


Powerful massage that keeps your body working

Do more of what you love and get more out of life with one of our professional massage treatments in Reading. There's only one you and our therapists know it... That's why each treatment they perform is tailored around you and your lifestyle.*

From deep-tissue and sports massages to deeply relaxing Aromatherapy Massages to soothing Hot Stones Massages to targeted back massages... we're sure you'll find a massage treatment you'll love at our professional centre in Reading.

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powerful deep tissue sports massage in Reading
Bespoke facial treatments in Reading to leave you with perfect skin.

Make every angle your good angle

Uniquely bespoke facial treatments. First time, every time. Each facial treatment at Le Masseur Personnel starts with freshly prepared skin-care products, made just for your skin!

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Take a seat, you'll feel better.

Quick, clean and effective. Our chair massage treatments are performed through your clothing using acupressure to help loosen tense spots in your neck, shoulder and upper back area. Sit down, relax and let the stress of the day melt away.

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Man having a Chair massage in Reading.
waxing for both men and women in Reading

Wax on, wax off.

Our Aromatherapy waxing is performed with the finest natural, organic resins which are blended with pure essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. Available for both men and women.

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*Massage sessions include allocated time for you to prepare and re-dress as set out in our what to expect page. Massage treatments can be tailored around you and your lifestyle up to what the booked service will allow. Example A: booking a De-stress Massage and then requesting the therapist use a pressure level or techniques not associated with that treatment (e.g. deep-tissue pressure or techniques) cannot be accommodated. Example B: Booking a full body treatment (e.g. our Hot Stones Therapy) and then requesting the therapist only work a particular area (e.g. the back and shoulders only) is not possible. Your therapist will let you know whether they can accommodate your personalisation and if not, will recommend upgrading to a treatment that can accommodate your request, subject to availability.