A natural way to treat spring allergies

Spring allergies can often leave us feeling restless and irritated. If you have spring allergies, certain symptoms may mimic or imitate the signs of other medical conditions such as winter cold, asthma and sinusitis.

Some of the symptoms of spring allergies can include congested nose and head, pounding headaches, itchiness in the nose and eyes, coughing, water eyes, sneezing, aches in the regions surrounding the sinuses and runny nose.

Now the good news, all of the above symptoms can be treated successfully by aromatherapy. The most successful way of treating spring allergies with aromatherapy is by means of inhalation therapy. During an inhalation therapy, the essential oils are put into an aromatherapy diffuser from which it is inhaled by the allergy suffer. Inhalation can also be done by adding two to three drops of the essential oil on a piece of tissue or cotton or to the bathing water. An aromatherapy massage is also an effective means of treating spring allergies with aromatherapy.

The essential oil varieties used to treat spring allergies should possess antibacterial, expectorant, anti-inflammatory or immune-stimulant properties. During an aromatherapy massage your therapist will decide on the essential oils to be used based on the symptoms you have developed. They might also suggest you use essential oils boasting relaxing, calming and restorative properties which will aid in getting rid of spring allergy symptoms.

For people with allergy symptoms like breathing problems, congestion and headaches, eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree oil will come in extremely handy. These specific essential oils are also effective in treating infections associated with spring allergy.

Peppermint essential oil has also proved very effective in the fight against spring allergies, granting significant relief from the associated conditions.

If you are experiencing symptoms like muscle aches, headaches or a weakened immune system, lavender essential oil will greatly help.

Lemon essential oil is also known for being an excellent immune booster; other than this, lemon oil is also used for treating respiratory problems associated with allergy.

For restlessness and irritation, Roman Chamomile oil an help by inducing complete relaxation.

Another common symptom of spring allergy is coughing; Cypress essential oil helps relieve coughing whilst also treating breathing problems.

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