Back pain and headaches linked

It has long been suspected that our stressful lifestyles may lead to increased aches and pains. A recent study by Min-Suk Yoon — from the Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Essen, Germany has demonstrated a strong correlation between headaches and lower back pain.

This surprising finding applies to both migraine and tension-style headaches and researchers are unclear as to the cause, although it’s thought that abnormal pain processing by the brain may be an explanation.

According to doctors, stress and depression can lead to headaches and other pain and therefore by extension lower back pain. Stress can also lead directly to back pain by tensing muscles in the back. Whatever the cause of the pain it is essential to get the right treatment.

Dealing with stress and its causes will lead to reduced discomfort and a better lifestyle.

In the study mentioned above the authors conclude that irrespective of causation it seems vital that both conditions must be treated simultaneously for effective relief.

Tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders can lead directly to headaches. A professional massage provides efficient treatment by targeting problem areas, treating the whole body in one go. Tackling all the pain sites in this way provides the best means for effective pain relief.

To ensure you stay pain free a regular massage should be part of your wellness regime. Massage not only feels good, but by relieving stress and inducing calmness it does you good.

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