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With certain health conditions, massage therapy may not be suitable or certain treatments may need to be adjusted in order to accommodate this particular health condition. This is known as a contra-indication. Your therapist will review your health intake prior to your treatment and if any contra-indications are found they will discuss this with you and what treatment options are available to you but we recommend checking with reception prior to booking as some contra-indications prohibit massage treatment for your own safety.

Don't worry, it does not necessarily mean you cannot receive massage therapy; it just may mean that we would have to avoid a localised area during the treatment or adjust the treatment to accommodate a contra-indication. Regardless, we would recommend reaching out prior to booking a treatment to discuss this with you.

The 'right' massage is very much dependant on what you would like to achieve from your treatment(s). For someone who is looking to simply relax or deal with everyday stress our Deep Relax Aromatherapy massage may be more appropriate and for someone who feels something a bit firmer would best suit or are suffering with aches and pains, one of our deep tissue massages or sports massage may be a better fit. For a full list of what treatment options are available, please visit our massage therapies page. We would also welcome you getting in touch and we would happily discuss which type of massage would be best for you.

Like other massages, chair massage (or seated acupressure) can reduce blood pressure but with a chair massage being performed in a seated position as opposed to a couch massage where you are laying down, this can cause light-headedness, dizziness or feeling abnormally warm in some incidences. If this happens during your chair massage treatment, please immediately signal to your therapist as soon as it begins so your therapist can take appropriate action.

If you have a history of fainting or low blood pressure a chair massage is not the right treatment for you and we would recommend one of our couch massages, where you are lying down instead. This is due to the position you are in during the treatment and the fact your blood pressure could drop further, causing a fainting episode in a seated position.

Please feel free to speak to us before booking your treatment and allow us to answer any questions or put any hesitations you may have to rest.

All our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced so no, their gender should not concern you.

You are free to request a specific therapist when booking a massage either via our website or over the phone and should your requested therapist be:

A) available at the time you have requested and B) be qualified in the treatment you have requested,

then we will book your appointment with that requested individual. If neither of the two conditions above are met, we will offer you an alternative which could be a different therapist or different treatment or different time or any combitiation of these.

If you do not request a specific therapist when booking, we will simply book your treatment with the best therapist available for your requested massage treatment as we do not discriminate against our massage therapists on any grounds, including their gender.

With regards to waxing appointments and treatments, all intimate waxing will be performed by someone of the same gender, regardless of any requests. For example, a Hollywood for men will be performed by a male therapist and a Hollywood for women will be performed by a female therapist.

For a massage appointment:

  • make sure that you are clean and can receive a massage.
  • Arrive at the time recommended and set out in your booking confirmation email as you may need to fill out a health intake and late arrivals may, unfortuantely, lose their appointment yet still be charged.
  • Drink plenty of water the day prior to your massage.
  • Do not drink alcohol the day before or on the day of your massage.

For a waxing appointment:

  • make sure that you are clean and pay close attention to the area(s) which you have booked to have waxed.
  • It is a good idea to exfoliate the area(s) the day before your waxing appointment as this will remove dead skin cells and help free up and lift up small hairs.
  • Make sure there are no cuts or bruises on the area(s) which are to be waxed.

No, please do not eat or drink at least one hour before your massage treatment. Please also avoid drinking any alcohol or taking any drugs before your treatment.

Your therapist will let you know when your treatment has ended. You should sit up slowly and take a couple of minutes to sip some water and bring your body back to its former state of awareness so you do not injure yourself when stepping off the couch.

Your therapist will leave the room to allow you complete privacy to dress and will instruct you to reception where there will be a glass of water for you.

If your therapist has not passed any recommendations directly on to you, they may of left this information with reception for you whilst you were dressing, please check with reception.

Yes we do. For the full terms of our cancellations policy, please see our terms and conditions page but in short:

We ask that you give at least 48 hours notice for weekend appointments and 24 hours notice for week day appointments if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid a cancellation charge being levied.

Late arrivals may have their treatment cut short in order to accommodate the next appointment yet still be charged for the booked treatment or if this is not possible, your appointment may be cancelled and treated as cancelled without notice and a cancellation charge levied.

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