How to deal with stress

Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps you feel tired and ill or just irritated constantly. It's amazing how stress can affect the body. You don't have to give into stress, read these 8 useful tips to reduce stress and ease your mind.

Awake early. One way to reduce stress throughout the day is to rise a few minutes early each day. This will eliminate a rushed feeling, and you'll be able to complete the day's task without being overwhelmed.

Write it down. Some people do not keep a day planner. Instead, they rely on their memory. However, if you need to complete multiple tasks within a short period, it might help to write everything down and keep a strict schedule.

Stop procrastination. Putting off a daily task is a big no-no. The easiest way to reduce stress is to complete assignments now.

Relax. Sometimes, stress is self-induced. In other words, some people purposely overextend themselves and keep a tight schedule. You can reduce stress by taking frequent breaks throughout the day, and learning how to say no.

Exercise and get enough sleep. Establish a regular work-out routine. You'll feel better and exercise is a great stress buster. Plus, daily workouts can promote restful sleep, which is also proven to reduce stress.

Delegate responsibilities. Nobody is perfect or superhuman. If you can't manage all your tasks, ask for help.

Have a massage. Massage is proven to reduce stress and is a great way of letting your body release the built up tension.

Make a job switch. Ideally, it's best to separate work from home. However, if you have a stressful occupation that demands a lot of your time and energy, it might be hard to separate the two. When stress begins to affect your health and relationships, it's time for a change.

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