Sore back? New research has the answer!

Humans are designed to work hard but our backs can suffer for our hectic lifestyles and are prone to injury. New research shows that preventing long term disability and loss of income from low back pain could be greatly diminished by a simple therapeutic massage.

Daniel Cherkin PhD, a senior associate at Group Health Research Institute stated:

"...This topic and study is important because chronic back pain is among the most common reasons people see doctors and alternative practitioners, including massage therapists. It's also a common cause of disability, absenteeism, and 'presenteeism,' when people are at work but can't perform well..."

The study showed how massage helped the participants with low back pain that was non-specific, allowing them to remain active and productive. The group consisted of 400 Group Health Cooperative patients with back pain for at least 3 months.

The study participants were divided into two groups and each participant either received usual care (mostly medication treatment) or a one hour structural/ relaxation massage once a week for 10 weeks. After ten weeks, one in three patients receiving massage improved or were pain free compared to one in 25 given ‘usual care’.

The fact of putting the body in deep relaxation through touch and relaxing massage and a nurturing and relaxed environment then can put the body in an optimal repair state. This can allow injuries to repair faster and in a more efficient manner, making relaxation massage beneficial for pain management and injury repair along with general relaxation.

-Annals of Internal Medicine: July 5, 2011 vol. 155 "A Comparison of the Effects of 2 Types of Massage and Usual Care on Chronic Low Back Pain"

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