• Psychotherapy and counselling in Reading

Psychotherapy in Reading at Le Masseur Personnel

We are proud to introduce Psychotherapy as part of our service offerings at Le Masseur Personnel.


If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, stressed, struggling to juggle between work, personal and social life, and you want to make a change or to prioritize yourself in your life, Psychotherapy can help you. An Integrative Psychotherapist can listen, without judgment, and help you to find your answers, taking responsibility of your own life.

About The Therapist

Name: Efthymios Foteinos
Practicing since: 2012
Languages spoken: English and Greek
Areas of interest and experience: Anxiety, Career and Work-related stress, Anger, Self-esteem and self-confidence, Depression , Abuse (verbal-emotional-physical), Trauma, Phobias, Sexual issues, Health related or psychosomatic issues and Bereavement.


If you suffer from any emotional issue that is not mentioned in the list, but you do need help, please feel free to get in touch and I will tell you with every honesty if I could provide it.


I firmly believe that the first and greatest step to resolve any issue or heal a trauma is to face it and accept its existence. The next move is to do something about it and the last part in the process of healing is to commit on working on it. Everyone has their own issues, small or big. In my opinion, each one of us has the wisdom and the power to resolve and overcome these problems. Sometimes we choose not to face them or they are so intense that we feel confused and overwhelmed. In that case I believe that it is a sign of true power and care to ourselves to decide and contact a professional, whose expertise is to listen without judgment and help us find what we want to do and how. Being in a position out of the problem gives the therapist clarity which is often the key to understanding the situation. This is what a psychotherapist can do and the way I was trained. Building a true relationship that is based in honesty, empathy and caring can help with all kind of emotional problems.


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