Aromatherapy waxing for both men and women

So smooth it's criminal.


Our aromatherapy waxing uses a natural, organic resin as the base.

Essential oils

Blended with pure essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties.

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Waxing price list for both men and women

  • Eyebrows£12.00
  • Ears£12.00
  • Lip (for women only)£12.00
  • Chin (for women only)£12.00
  • Fingers£12.00
  • Toes£12.00
  • Underarms£20.00
  • Half arms£30.00
  • Full arms£40.00
  • Half legs£31.00
  • Full legs£45.00
  • Hollywood (for men and women)£40.00
  • Brazillian (for women only)£35.00
  • Boyzillian (for men only)£35.00
  • Bikini or G-string (for women only)£25.00
  • Back and shoulders (for men only)£30.00
  • Chest and abs (for men only)£35.00
  • Buttocks inc. crack (for men only)£30.00

Waxing FAQs

Everyone's waxing experience and pain experienced during a treatment is different. Some people find it very painful whilst others don't feel much at all.

There are multiple factors which will determine how painful your wax may be including whether this is the first time having a particular area waxed, the density of your hair, how well the hair is rooted, the hair growth, your pain threshold and others.

No one knows this information better than you so you would be the best person to determine how painful (if at all) your wax may be but ultimately, you are removing hair from root.

Yes, we do. Some areas are exclusively available for one or the other and this is listed in the pricing section.

Please note that intimate waxing will always be performed by someone of the same gender, i.e. a Hollywood for men would be performed by a male therapist.

Your wax treatment will be performed by one of our therapists who has been trained in and are experienced with the waxing treatment you have booked. Whom this is will depend on the availability of our calendar.

If you have had a previous waxing treatment with a particular therapist or you have been recommended a particular therapist, you are more than welcome to request this person and, provided we have the availability, we will be more than happy to accommodate this request.

Please note that all intimate waxing will be performed by someone of the same gender. I.e. a Hollywood for men would be performed by a male therapist.

No, we do not. Waxing is priced and charged on a 'per area' basis.

If you would like only part of an area booked waxed, please inform your therapist at the start of your treatment. You will still be charged for the booked area in full.

For example, you would like just the lower back area treated as part of the booked 'back and shoulders' treatment. Your therapist will be happy to accomodate this request but you will still be charged for the booked 'back and shoulder' treatment in full.

If this is your first waxing experience or your first waxing experience with us, your therapist or a member of staff will cover what after care you need to follow for the treated area along with some tips to get the most out of your wax.

If you have a question not listed in this FAQ section, please feel free to get in touch by calling the centre on
0118 948 1077 or by sending us a message through our website.

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