Protect Your Skin This Summer

it’s well known that looking good makes you feel great, so with the change in weather and summer creeping in it’s crucial to start preparing your skin for the additional sun exposure to keep....Read more >>

Back Pain & Headaches Linked

It has long been suspected that our stressful lifestyles may lead to increased aches and pains. A recent study by Min-Suk Yoon — from the Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Essen, Germany has demonstrated a strong correlation between headaches and lower back pain.Read more >>

The Last Leg.. it's all in the preperation

This weekend is the Reading Half Marathon with 15,000 people putting their hearts and souls into running their hearts out for 13.1 miles. Here are 5 top tips to get you arriving on the day.Read more >>

Why Massage Should Come First

Massage therapy has been practised for thousands of years. Every culture in the world has developed some form of massage to promote healing or general well-being. Today, massage therapy has...Read more >>

Love Your Heart

It has been discovered that the heart has its own nervous system, with neurones the main nerve cells in the brain also being found in the heart. It tells the brain which chemicals to produce in our brain so rea.....Read more >>

Fix It With Massage

Massages are more than just a slice of indulgence, they’re proven health and mood treatments. Use this guide to find out what part of your body massage can help!Read more >>

A Natural Way To Treat Spring Allergies

Spring allergies can often leave us feeling restless and irritated. If you have spring allergies, certain symptoms may mimic or imitate the signs of other medical conditions such as winter cold, asthma and sinusitis.Read more >>

The Miracle Cure For Sore Muscles

Many people - both athletes and health professionals - have long spoken of how a massage after vigorous exercise eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness. Massage unquestionably feels good and seems to reduce pain as well as helping muscles recover, but until now no one really understood exactly why massage has this beneficial effect.Read more >>

Does Your Exercise Routine Include Massage?

Do you know if your workout routine should include a sports massage? How exactly can it increase performance, muscle gain and weightloss as well as reducing recovery time?Read more >>

How To Prevent Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Wondering exactly how to prevent those lower back aches and shoulder pain we all get from time to time? This is a natural result of today’s working environment and can cause headaches and excessive tension in the neck, arms, shoulders, forearms, wrists, back, hips thighs and legs.The result of this is increased fatigue to the muscles and ligaments supporting the lower back. This can eventually lead to spinal joint dysfunction and tissue injury.Read more >>